Some of our Customers: 

(References provided on request)


Technical Expert/Legal Consulting: Intellectual Property - We can provide a range of electronics expertise, brief and motion preparation support, patent research, declarations, and expert testimony. Some examples:

  • Consulting for the nationally recognized Intellectual Property (I.P.) law firm of Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro:

Provided extensive technical expert support (switching regulator technology) for the plaintiff in the patent infringement case of Microelectronic Modules Corp. v.s. Maxim Integrated Circuits. Confidential settlement.

Provided technical expert support (switching regulator technology) for the plaintiff in the patent infringement case of SwitchPower, Inc. v.s. Celestica Corp. Confidential settlement.

  • Intellectual property consulting for the Chicago law firm of Grossman and Flight - Electronics Patent Infringement

  • Intellectual property consulting for the Chicago law firm of Banner-Witcoff - Expert declarations, teleconferencing and video transmission technology

  • Patent consulting and infringement case support for the law firm of Michael P. Mazza LLC, (Glen Ellyn, Il.)


Technical Expert/Legal Consulting: Property Damage/Liability

  • Consulting for Summers-Schwarz PC, Southfield, MI:

Investigated aircraft crash and provided technical expert reports and testimony

Tested power tools in support of personal injury case 


Engineering  Consulting - We have the experience and expertise to provide analysis and problem solutions:

  • Provided analysis and technical papers on data center grounding techniques for Panduit, Inc. (Tinley Park, Il.)
  • Developed fundamental new wireless routing technology for start-up firm Connectivities, LLC.  - patent applied for
  • Project management and evaluation - Principle engineer has 29 years experience in development, research, and management at Bell Laboratories/AT&T/Lucent Technologies:
    • Senior member IEEE
    • Experienced project reviewer - Founding member and member of the board of directors of System Architecture Review Board at Bell Labs and Lucent, participating as Leader, Angel, and reviewer for numerous project reviews
  • Panlmatic Co.: Analyzed field failure problems of Hematron II  Dielectric Sealer, (OEM’d for Baxter Medical). Determined cause of failures (power supply related), defined product corrective changes, provided prototypes, problem solved!


Engineering/Design - Our design knowledge and experience run broad and deep - we get the job done! Some examples:

  • Power inverter consulting and analog design for CookTek LLC. (Chicago, Il.)

  • RF power generator design for medical start-up, Mitralign, Inc. (Salem, NH.)

  • Designed solid state flourescent lamp ballast and dimmer system for Bit7, Inc. (Mundelein, Il.)

  • Machine control automation design for Ultrasonic Power Corporation (Freeport, Il.) – 

Designed microprocessor based product controller and user interface, including hardware and software development  and production start-up support.

Designed microprocessor and PC software based test equipment, implementing digital synthesis,  spectral analysis, and user interface functions

  • Technical consulting and systems engineering for 9Co, LLC (Naperville, Il.), small start-up (Connor-Winfield owned) that designs stratum 2, 3, and 3E timing systems for Telecom products.

Use telecom experience to assist in product specification

Developed product literature and press releases

Developed and maintain company web site (

  • Relume Corporation, (Sterling Heights, Mi.) – Designed off-line switching power supply based battery backup system for new LED-based traffic light system. Designed microprocessor controlled electronic traffic light controller.

  • Deep Coat Metalizing, (Sugar Grove, Il). – Designed and built plasma power supplies for vacuum metal deposition chambers. Selected, engineered, and installed numerous RF (Radio Frequency) plasma supplies for pre-metalization parts cleaning. Continue to be the company’s general electronics and RF consultant for all their existing equipment and new installations.

  • Advantage Printing, (Addison, Il. ) – Designed and installed CRT display system for computerized paper cutting machine. Provide general consulting for company electronic needs.

  • Brickel Associates, (N.Y.) – Designed and built hydraulic multi-function office chair testing machine to verify standards compliance.