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Front View

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Top View


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K11 Aircraft Panel Dimmer

The A and T Labs panel light dimmer provides features and functionality not available in other commercial dimmer products. These include:

  • Multiple channels - up to three

  • Quiet analog design

  • Multi-channel tracking capability

  • Daylight full-on over-ride capability for GPS annunciators, etc.

  • Current limiting/short circuit protection·

  • Thermal protection·

  • Low drop-out voltage (ability to adjust the dimmer bus up as close to the battery voltage as possible)·

  • Photocell light sensor automatic control capability·

  • Low cost 


  • Voltage range: 0 to Input supply - .6V

  • Output current - Depends on ventilation - Each channel is capable of 5 amps, practical dissipation limitation is ~ 5 amps total for all channels. (For 28 volt systems, current limit is 1 A per channel)

Unit connections are made through a DB15 connector, and are easy to integrate into the rest of the aircraft wiring.

Available as a kit or assembled. The following are available:


  • Printed circuit board

  • Full kit for one channel, including case/cover, DB15 mating connector, panel mounting potentiometer and knob

  • Additional channels - up to two per unit

  • Photocell dimming option


  • Single channel unit,  including DB15 mating connector, panel mounting potentiometer and knob

  • Three channel unit

  • Photocell dimming option

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Ordering Information

Click to enlarge Item Description Weight Price


K11PCB Printed circuit board 2 oz. $20

Dimmer1.jpg (38764 bytes)

K11KIT Single channel full kit 16 oz. $75
  K11CH Additional channel kit 2 oz. $14
  K11PH Photocell option kit 1 oz. $4
Dimmer1.jpg (38764 bytes) K11SCH Single channel fully assembled unit 16 oz. $135
Dimmer1.jpg (38764 bytes) K11MCH 3 channel fully assembled unit 16 oz. $160


K11PHO Photocell option 1 oz. $4

Ordering Information



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