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A and T Labs offers a line of exceptional audio, test and other electronic kits and products. Our mission is to provide value to the serious electronics enthusiast and hobbyist with designs that distinguish themselves from their commercial alternatives with superior performance, functionality, and quality.                                                                               

Our kits come in various forms. Some are offered as key or hard-to-get parts, circuit boards, and complete documentation. For others we offer a full kit of parts, and some are available assembled or as completed and tested sub-assemblies.

Whatever the form, we strive to provide comprehensive and easy to follow instructions and helpful testing hints. Our support area is designed to help you succeed with answers to frequently asked questions and other help.


Audio Products

Audio amplifiers are our specialty. All our designs employ  patented power MOSFET output stages, as they have proven to us the greatest potential for exceptional musicality and satisfying subjective and technical performance. Our goal, in a nutshell, has always been to create designs and implementations that performed in the realm of the multi-thousand dollar esoteric equipment, and make them available as kits to create an exceptional value and a highly satisfying experience.

Topslantview_K6A.jpg (105845 bytes) K6 - 700 Watt Stereo amplifier with switching power supply

Our most powerful design, in addition to its outstanding sonic performance, features a pioneering and commercial trend-setting switching power supply, thereby achieving a remarkably light and compact implementation. It can be built either as a rack mount or home system unit.

K9 - 120 Watt/Channel (Mono-block) Studio/Home "Gold Standard" amplifier in Cast Aluminum Case 

"The PT Cruiser" of high-end audio, this revolutionary retro-tech packaging of an unsurpassed electrical design delivers both a work of art and an uncompromised sonic performance. Designed for component high end home audio or studio applications. (Complete product - NOT A KIT)

K7 - 150 Watt/Channel Studio/ Home "Gold Standard" amplifier

Essentially the core of the K9 amplifier, this design is intended for modular use with a toroidal transformer based power supply.

preamp.jpg (51166 bytes) K12 - Audio Preamp

High performance audio preamp features digital volume control, gold contact relay switching, 8 inputs and 4 recording outputs


Test Equipment Products 

We offer several  test equipment products:

K10 Mapper8 - Essential for today's data network installations, this is a comprehensive connectivity tester for Ethernet and other cables.
M-2 Fuel/Air Mixture Analyzer - Industry-leading precision, fast-response wideband oxygen analyzer for gasoline engine tuning applications. (Complete product - NOT A KIT)
K2 Lab Power Supply - A high performance, voltage and current regulated dual power supply, 0-50 V, 0-5 A.
EN_pic_mfd2.jpg (32426 bytes) K3  60 Hz Magnetic Field Meter - Measure exposure to power line related magnetic fields.


Other Products

Here's the place to look for other unique designs we offer as kits!

K8 Garage Door Keypad 

This garage door keypad provides some unique capabilities not found in commercial units

Dimmer1.jpg (38764 bytes) K 11 Aircraft Panel Light Dimmer

This design offers full functionality, multiple channel, reliable/robust dimming control for virtually any small aircraft instrument lighting application


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