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Front View


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With cables attached


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M-2 Air-Fuel Mixture Analyzer

The M-2 air-fuel mixture analyzer is a fast, wideband design that responds to changes in mixture with a response time of 1/8th of a second! It presents an accurate measure from 10:1 to 22:1, with a highlighted breakpoint, where the indicator LED's change color at the stoichiometric mixture. Extremely easy to read bar graph that requires minimal attention to detect the perfect mixture - readable at a glance!.

This precision instrument is a must for motor enthusiasts who tune to perfection or want to know exactly what their mixture is doing. Also enables tuning to best economy. Much more useful than typical "narrow band" units on the market, which are accurate only at the center of their range.

Includes self-test/calibration check function and fast response oxygen sensor probe. Output signal available for logging also.

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Ordering Information

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M-2_with_cables.jpg (52619 bytes)


Oxygen Analyzer with power cable and Oxygen Sensor

  16 oz.


M-2_with_power_cables.jpg (28507 bytes)

M-2 Oxygen Analyzer with power cable only   14 oz.


M-2_oxysensor.jpg (20819 bytes)


Oxygen Sensor with cable

  2 oz.



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