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Some photos (click photo for a larger view):

powersupply2_resize.jpg (31765 bytes) 
Front View

ps_inside.jpg (65830 bytes)
Power Supply Inside

  PS_bare_board.jpg (67428 bytes)

Bare PCB




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K2 - Dual LAB Power Supply

While numerous bench power supply designs have emerged over the years, few combine all aspects of performance, flexibility, and low cost. This universal lab supply design combines exceptional current and voltage range (0-50v, 0-5A) and control with an economical modularity. At the same time, the custom heat sink and circuit board design combine to leave point-to-point wiring at a minimum, greatly simplifying the construction process. For a summary of the performance characteristics, see Specifications.

This kit is available as the hard to get components, and kit of all board mounted parts plus potentiometers, transformer, and heat sinks. The transformer will power two supply channels.

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Click to enlarge Item Description Weight Price


Printed Circuit Board for one supply channel

  2 oz.


ps_transformer.jpg (31365 bytes)


600VA Power transformer, for two channels

  10 lb.


ps_heatsin2.jpg (30135 bytes)


Heat sink, one required per channel

   1 lb.




Voltage regulator, one required per channel, two for dual supply

   1 oz. 




Power transistor, two required per channel

  1 oz.




Kit of all parts for one channel includes PCB, all board mounted parts, potentiometers, heat sink

  2.5 lb.


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